The strategic plan calls for 10% of net TDT to be allocated to beach improvements. Funding works to improve beach cleanliness, enhance County nature beach parks, assist with beach renourishment or recovery storm impacts, and develop facilities necessary to provide guest services. 


Amelia Island's beaches are one of her greatest assets. As such, the AITDC aims to help protect, preserve and promote our 13 miles of beach. The AITDC works to:
  • Fund the beach cleaning in both the County and City as well as beach restroom cleaning at the seven main beach parks. 
  • Communicate the Leave No Trace (LNT) requirements as required in the local beach ordinance. This program helps keep our beaches clean for residents and visitors, as well as nesting sea turtles, shorebirds and more. 
  • Provide money for beach renourishment to help protect our shoreline. Historically, the AITDC has funded both the County and City match for beach renourishment. 
  • Educate beach users on the beaches. 


Driving on Unincorporated Beach Areas of Nassau County

The parking and driving areas for motorized vehicles on the Atlantic Ocean beaches in the unincorporated areas of Nassau County are as follows:
(1) The Peters Point Road intersection with the beach area north to the city limits of Fernandina Beach;
(2) The Lewis Street intersection with the beach area north to the developed resort area parcel and south to the developed resort area parcel;
(3) The southerly end of Amelia Island from the Nassau Sound side to the developed resort area parcel on the Atlantic Ocean side;
(4) Scott Road intersection with the beach area

Driving in these areas are currently restricted to the following:
  • Nassau County Residents
  • Operators of vehicles who have a valid United States Department of Defense United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card (a/k/a U.S. Military ID Card)
  • Operators or occupants of the motor vehicle that have a valid Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles disability parking placard that hangs on the rear-view mirror

For more info visit the Nassau County website HERE.

City of Fernandina Beach

The City offers on-beach parking (4-wheel drive vehicles highly recommended) at Seaside Park.

For more info on the City's beach parks, visit the City of Fernandina Beach  website HERE.


Amelia Island's beaches have long been a source of beauty, enjoyment and wonder, and unlike many Florida beaches, Amelia Island offers virtually unlimited access to its coast. To ensure a pleasant stay and preserve our beaches for others, please leave only your footprints on the beach when you depart.

Any belongings left unattended after sunset will be considered discarded and will be removed. This includes tents, tent poles (“spiders”), cabanas, coolers and any other personal effects. 

Download the Leave No Trace rack card for visitors. If you need more of the rack cards delivered, please call 904-277-4369.

Beach Safety Video