Tourism is Nassau County's largest job creator and a leading driver of its economy. Our vision is to position Amelia Island as one of North America's top 10 island destinations, maximizing the return on tax dollars invested, increasing demand, and enhancing the visitor experience. Our programs are funded by a 5% tourist tax on short-term accommodations. We dedicate over 75% of that revenue to advertising and promoting Amelia Island using a variety of channels.

Created by the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners in 1988, the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council (AITDC) oversees the development and marketing of Amelia Island as a world-class tourism destination. As provided by Florida law, the AITDC is responsible for the expenditure of revenues received from the levy and imposition of the tourism development tax.


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Developing a sustainable tourism program is an essential part of ensuring an economically robust Nassau County. The hospitality industry supports over 25% of jobs, generates 38% of sales taxes, and over $40 million in net economic benefits to Nassau County. Ensuring that the tourism industry improves the quality of life for residents is essential to maintaining the quality tours and product. 

The investment made by the Board of County Commissioners allows us to be competitive in the marketplace - targeting customers who stay longer and spend more, thus achieving our goals as stewards of the destination.



The goals of the AITDC are to generate visitation to Amelia Island and its attractions/special events, thereby increasing tax revenues, including sales taxes and those imposed on the hospitality industry. In turn, those tax revenues may be used to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the community, provide support for beach renourishment, and ensure a viable hospitality industry.

Benefits we provide include:


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